Tuesday, March 04, 2008

The one about the N82 my pa just got...

What a thrilling coincidence!! Pa just got his new N82! and Nokia has decided to actually place an ad on my blog at the same time!!

Pa has used the phone for the past few days and he was mighty pleased with it! He felt it could be a bit more "solid" feeling but the abilities of the phone is pretty solid in my opinion!

This phone even comes with a 2GB memory card on top of its 100mb internal memory... You really do not need to purchase a bigger card. Pa placed about 280 Songs and it still could take about 450 Pictures!! And the music quality is solid! On the phone top is a full audio jack... meaning you can jack in your normal expensive earpiece! Of course it comes with a headset... and Pa uses the player with the newest latest Bluetooth stereo headset and it works Perfectly. The sound quality is great.
You can always carry spare memory cards and put more music into it. Memory is so damn cheap nowadays! Pa works a lot on his phone, and he notices the really fast 3.5G download speed from his usual 3G speeds.
One of the best things about the phone is definitely the Camera. The powerful flash and super optics took THE BEST pictures on a phone... its no DSLR of course but for those times you really wished you had a decent camera with you... this would definitely suffice. Other from lacking a full keyboard, and an unexciting design, the other qualities of the phone will blow you away. This phone has everything. It makes me wonder what else can they put in a phone.

Even the GPS on the phone works really well. Pa had it working with a touch of a button. The navigation program found inside is pretty impressive too. Very clear... But Pa seldom listens to directions.

I'll get pa to take some pictures with the phone and post them up here the next time.

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Anonymous said...

Nokia is crap phone one.

Gimmie I also dont chew.