Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Rotties in the News... again

Remember the blog post i put up earlier about the Singh family that had 5 Rotties?

They are in the news again.

Also in the Local papers...

Once again, and I hate to say it... but I was right.

The Singh Family has proven that they are very bad owners. Not only did they NOT build that Manual Fence to prevent something like that from happening, they have responded in the worst way possible.

The owner, Madam Satpal Kaur, said her pets were innocent and explained that their seemingly aggressive behaviour was just puppy mischief.

On Monday, however, Mambo suffered several injuries, including on its head, neck and chest.

Dear Madam Satpal Kaur, YOUR DOGS are NO longer puppies. They are fully grown Rotties. If you do not know what that means, and CONTINUE to give half arse excuses like that, you will doom us all.

People in general are scared shitless over our breed. Pa has been trying his very best to protect our breed reputation. Not only do you appear unfriendly to your neighbors, you do not even TRY to help a breed you claim to love.

I do not know what will happen to the poor Rotties... Yes, the ones you breed "accidentally". The ones you never bothered to train. The ones you didn't build the internal fence for. The ones that would probably pay for your mistake.

I hope you are fined very heavily for your own sake. And that you remember this valuable lesson for a long LONG time. I also hope that you will train your dogs well. They are never too old to train. If you so wish, I extend my services as Rottie Jedi and will take your dogs as my Padawan. My Pa will be either Jabba the Hutt or Master Yoda.
My Pa brings me everywhere, to meet everyone. He is always ready and willing to talk to anyone that has a wrong idea what Rotties are. Why are you SPOILING his good work?
These pictures are unedited, and not posed. These are REAL people that come up to meet me and they enjoy being with me. They are smitten by how good i look! When was the last time you took your boys out for a proper walk or a trip?
Sure... the fear is always there in the first place, but then... if you have the patience and a smiling face, Everyone would approach you. Not like how Mr Foo your neighbor would... but with the want to love and understand me.
Dogs break down all cultural barriers and differences. Even Dogs like Rotties. Because people can see a good one from far far away. PLEASE. Help us. Take responsibility and learn about basic dog-keeping. Educate yourselves and promote the breed.

Not kill us with your ignorance and leave us out to dry on the Court of Public Opinion.

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