Thursday, June 07, 2007

Thanks you-know-who-you-are!

Its really a very nice gift. My Pa has yet to buy me anything for my birthday!

He tells me that all of a sudden, I have become a political figure. Its simply that I wanna take over the World isn't it? Pa tells me that he just got banned by yet another Doggie Forum. "Politics I tell ya..." he rants. Put it this way, unable to out-talk, and unable to be unbiased, the only way is to cower behind another skirts while beating your chest screaming purity.

I've been reading a little but the forum doesn't really interest me. I say good riddance. Pa spends way too much time on it anyway. I told my Pa asking him isn't it odd that this bunch yells "Adopt a Dog" while most actually purchase their loved ones? Anyway, I'm glad its over. Being misunderstood is a part of life.

No one has the courage to stand up to Pa, but rather gossip about things like having me lie down patiently on the pavement while my Pa has his dinner 2 meters away. Unleashed to be sure, but its how I behaved that counts right? People came over to greet me or leave me alone. I left them alone too.

Or that accuses Pa of telling someone to make a Vet claim on them...I mean...Pa didn't understand what that was about. All he recalled was one day someone coming over to talk to him, telling him that a dog bit his dog at the Dog run. So Pa just told him that in any case, usually the other Dog owner should offer to pay for the Vet fees.

Oh well, Politics in humans can extend to us pooches as well. We will remain loyal to our owners.

Some Eye candy! These girls really like me lots. Maybe I should invite them to the party as well... by the way...WHEN is the PARTY?

Haha...I wun be posting up a lot of SCDF training pictures...but I'm going for it on Saturdays now! Apparently even SAR training pictures shouldn't be posted online. I wanted to put up a lovely picture of me and my trainers, but I worry kaypoh people will go and report me.

What to do? Not that there isn't other pictures on the training online already...but humans will be petty humans. They just dun know when to stop and be objective.

your loss.


Amber-Mae said...

Wow, hehe... A tiny Rottie in a tiny bottle. So cute!

Love licks,
Solid Gold Dancer

Anonymous said...

bear pa, those pple in that forum are nothing great, they only know how to gossip and twist facts. so be it. so just don bother, u have ah bear to care abt. i kana from those pple big time b4, they rather believe one side story and they don bother to check 2 sides story. And they like to tok big abt it.
so ignore them, u still have a life out of the forum. They don't.

Millie ma

BigBrownBearBear said...

Thank you for your support!

But everything is fine actually

CoW g0eS Mo0 m0o~! said...

Just ignore them lah.
U're entitled to ur own views and others to theirs.
If disagree, and cannot agree on anything, den just stay to ur view.
(Not as though urs is fundamentally wrong or anything)

Or, just ask bear bear wave his paws & say "Bah". =D

& oh...lucky fellow... cute gals... =(

Anonymous said...

Hey Bear Bear your papa sure has his way with ladies hor.. How come your blog full of babes??! LOL.. by the way the P.Ubin trek is on 17 June, Sunday. Please contact Jenny or Palani for details.

The thread can be found here: