Monday, July 19, 2010

Husky to be Rehomed urgently & Club 4 Paws flea Market!

Samson the 10 year old Husky is in need for a new home. His owner, an avid reader has written to me the following...
Fellow Dog Lovers, I am looking for suitable owners to adopt my Husky. I am shifting from a landed property to a condo in 2 weeks time. My parents aren't really animal lovers and we will have no helper. I would definitely keep my dog if i owned the property but unfortunately this is not the case. I have been scouting around my neighbours and friends over the past few months to find a suitable new owner for my dog but to no avail. My appeal to you guys represents a rather desperate attempt on my part to prevent my dog from going to SPCA. Samson is a purebred Husky I acquired when he was a puppy. Huskys by nature like to run alot. When he was younger, I used to cycle him around the neighbourhood and also to East Coast Park. Nowadays I just walk him around the neighbourhood or drive him to East Coast Park ( he can sit on the front passenger seat ) He is pretty much a laid back dog. In the day he will be sleeping and I will bring him out for his walk in the evening before his dinner.His daily meal consist of rice mixed with pedigree dog food +/- the left overs we eat. He is not a great fan of dry dog food. The only challenge keeping Samson is that he will run out of the house when the main gate opens. That's why most of the time he is leashed at home. I will unleash him at night, or when I confident that the main gate will not open for a long time.He is a gentle dog generally has no fierce reactions to humans/strangers. He is only excited in the presences of cats. A suitable owner for Samson is an animal lover who stays in a landed property and preferably has a helper (maid). Samson has been a stay out dog all his life. He basically just needs shelter from the sun and rain. Once in a while I will let him come into the house, much. If the new owner can let him be a stay in dog that will be awesome. If anyone is keen on inheriting my dog, please call me at 91726487 or email me at
We can work out the details thereafter. You
can also help me out in forwarding this mail to anyone who you think might be interested.
Personally I have not yet met up with Samson before... but i am sure he is a very sweet dog stuck in an undesirable situation. Please help spread the word for a new home he sorely needs.
On a lighter note, Auntie Linny has a FLEA MARKET COMING!!! and its at her Club 4 Paws location!
Free DENTAL! my goodness! That sounds really interesting... something new to chew?
The facility at Club 4 Paws is truly very nice. Its has a nice pool and very fun agility area at the bottom.
But its obvious where we will spend most of our time!

So come on down for the flea market at Club 4 Paws and join in the FUN!!
There is also a children walk on the same day! This would be so great. We would definitely (hopefully) drop by both events! Talking about a busy weekend... and this would be kick started off with appearing at Cafe Del Mar for their first ever Pooch Frenly day on the 31st of July. It is going to be a fun filled weekend alright!

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