Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Obligatory New Year Post

I am not a very happy Rottie. 2009 rocked for me... so many things happened... But when it came to saying farewell to 2009... I got nothing. All these pictures... have NOTHING to do with me but to piss me off.
Did you know that Hilton Singapore, 4 season, regeant, bayview, somerset compass, fraser place all allow dogs to stay as well? But instead... Pa had to go to one that didn't allow dogs.
Boy.... I would have enjoyed the view immensely.
2009 was a year of new friends and new experiences... and in a short few days, our debut TV appearance with Suria would be on... once we get the episode, it would be uploaded for all to watch!
Irritatingly, not many pictures have been taken of me recently...
But we did get some very interesting gifts! Hopefully Chinese New Year wouldn't be as bad.
Sherjay just past his 1 year birthday as well. He is really such a big boy now. Hope he had fun at his birthday!
All in all, all of us met up with frens we never met before, but know each other in a way no one else could. Save for Auntie Karen who is always acting cute online.

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