Monday, December 14, 2009

What Breed is this fellow?

He walked into my place... pretty docile to humans... but a little aggressive towards other male dogs...
He looks like a XL Samoyed with floppy ears and. But though Bruno is bigger then him...
... his height and size is pretty big... I wonder how much he weighs? Frontal position looks like a Golden's face.
He looks groomed really, so its likely he ran away and forgot to go home. We will be going to the Vet with him to check for a microchip and see if he is registered in any database in Singapore.

He would need a bath soon!
A baby Rottie at Pet Lover's Vivo City... He's getting a little big for his cage... I hope someone gets him soon! Else his hinds may suffer... NO PA... Dun anyhow anyhow... Two big dogs is MORE than enough. (Pa: But.... But...)
This was the newest adopted mongrel pup we found at our swimming pool... isn't he a beauty? He even has Rottie colors.
He's a little skittish and snappish... so I hope that his new mummy would have the ability to train him well. If she does train him well, he will be a great dog I'm sure.

GOOD NEWS! Shiloh has been ADOPTED!

Dear friends,

Thank you very much for all your help in spreading the word about Shiloh the husky, as well as as your kind donations.

I have great news - Shiloh has found a home! Next week, she will be moving to her new semi-detached home with a nice couple who are experienced with huskies and who currently already have one husky. Shiloh has met them and their husky and everyone gets along great. She'll be going to a good home!

:) Auntie Lillian

(PS: we have determined that this fellow might be a Pyrenean Mountain Dog... He looks skinnier than the ones on the internet probably because he has been groomed before. He has also a microchip! Tomorrow we will be following up with SPCA and AVA!

PPS: bad news. ALL database available have no record of this fellow. Pa has even called up clinics, but so far, NOTHING. How is this possible? Please help spread the word that a lost dog is found! or is this a case of abandonment?)

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Stacey said...

Hi there! Just wanted to say that the Rottie in this post is the one that I got. I purchased him on Dec 15. I am happy to say that he is healthy and is doing fine.

If you like, here are a few of his pics: