Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Auntie Gail's Her World Article! TV trailer is out on YouTube!

Remember Auntie Gail and her Her World shoot? I dun remember if I mentioned it before... but she had an article on her in July's 2009 issue of Her World page 131.
She had plenty of fun dressing up and having fun.
That's a great dress she has on doesn't she? D&G i think... I wonder how much it costs!
I guess Pa was taking too many pictures already.
She was really a natural posing about!
See? If you ask me... she looks the best of the 3!
The most colorful and relaxed posture!
Go buy the magazine! Its about what other people notice about them first! Auntie Gail called Pa her Best Fren... WOOHOO! Pa feels that its a huge honor! The only gripe Pa has is that even in his insistence, Her World has refused to put Pa's occupation as a Farmer.

Being a Farmer is also a real job ok.
This was her responses to the comments stated above! Pa's grinning from ear to ear too.

Remember Pa went on a photography shoot with Uncle Tom Ang? here is the brand new trailer!

Can only see Pa in one scene.... hummm... time to lose weight! The other locations seems so exciting! Remember to catch the show!


Ashley said...

congrats on the article. that's pawsome!

guess what?!! maxy is a daddy! come check out the photos when you get a chance =)

hope all is well with you!

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Tina said...
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