Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Troy the Malamute needs a new home...

Meet Troy the Alaskan Malamute. This time, I personally went to see his temperament and boy... was it a little hairy at first. He is 2 years of age and a pretty big boy at 42kg. Bruno still wins at 48kgs, but he just eats a lot.

Troy was an excited little boy, he needs a firm handler and is in excellent health. He is also a very very smart boy. Within minutes he understood that Pa was not going to take any nonsense from him... so he was all submissive. To me however, he was a little aggressive. I wasn't too comfortable that Pa was so close to him, but Pa assured me everything was ok.
once he calmed down, he was an excellent dog. His limbs, coat and general well-being was very well taken care off, not counting of course the lack of firm training and sturdy owners.

After 20mins, Pa is very convinced that Troy is a VERY sweet boy that simply needs a little more attention, love, socialization and firm training for him to be an excellent pet dog.

Please help me spread the message and email Pa at killertouch@hotmail.com

There is no adoption fee sort after. However, Pa will impose a $200 fee that would be donated to his Medical Fund for Any Dog That Needs It. This is NOT a compulsory donation. Just a much needed one.

Please note that there will be a viewing for Troy this coming Sunday at his place... So please leave your name and number as well as type of residence at the email address mentioned above.
Help us spread this message about Troy's urgent need for a new home... We need to have him rehomed soon! Everyone should have a wonderful home... And us dogs will give back 10 fold the love showered on us... ....ermmm.... one way or another. :P


Amber-Mae said...

Aww, he's beewootiful! We hope he finds a good home.

Solid Gold Dancer + Puppies

Enrica said...

hi bear, ruthbaby here... my frd is interested in viewing troy. is he still up for adoption?