Friday, May 01, 2009

Photoshoot in a Photo Studio...

Oh Dear... remember the 2nd prize we won from Uncle Lundy? The cool coffee table book? Pa has almost totally forgotten about it... but we managed to get it done!
Uncle Lundy had a wide range of colored backdrops! But he said we wouldn't look good other from both Black and White... Oh well... we are simple dogs.We did our individual shoots in the first place, then we did some duets. Uncle Lundy had a cool squeeky toy with him... totally effective in getting our attention when we lost it.Pa on the other hand was losing his patience with us... He had to rearrange us countless times... you cannot REALLY blame us... I thought we were pretty good already... with that natural flair.

Now... Everything is DONE. All we need to choose is 20 pictures for the coffee table album! Could you all help us do that? just let us know the picture number that you think should be in the album!


No! it wasn't me!
Just another Lazy Afternoon...What a Goofy Look.
This is more goofy than the previous picture...
OK fine... I know it looks kinda similar... but there ARE subtle differences... that's what modeling is all about isn't it?
Ok... I'm obsessing about how wide my mouth should be... I dun wanna look too scary!

Bruno's also as concerned as I am... he was just trying just how big his mouth should be...
Hahaha... classic candid moment! Priceless!
Obviously he doesn't do this Posing thing very often... I gotta give him credit for experimenting.
Trying out his Rottie Smile here...
I think he feels that he looks better really not smiling.
What you looking at? HahahahaWide grins with pointy teeth... hummm... you gotta have a goofy face like his to pull it off.
He went back to his Cleopatra pose... he claimed that the earlier ones didn't count. He was just warming up.
Oh well... He can be a handsome chap.

I tried look happy. really.
Honestly... I was the one that WON anyway... why should I have to share it with HIM?
Then again... what are brothers for?
Fine... I'm smiling.
Bruno... stop yawning and lets get this over with.
Are we done yet?
cool. Next pose.
WHAT THE HELL? He is a BIG chap. But he had better learn his place.
Sigh... dip your head a little more... dun embarrass me here.
This is better. Dunch you think?
We look more equal than the other pictures here... That big buffoon.
Maybe if I step a little closer... see? I dun look THAT small...

So which pictures should I include in my little coffee book album?


Razlan said...

This is already the coffee book. No need to print one!

BigBrownBearBear said...

But there is a REALLY nice coffee book album! and I need some decisions made!

April Z said...

what, choose from all those amazing photos?

that's a tough one.

BigBrownBearBear said...

are you a photographer too? New to Blogs? How did you find me?

Princess Kayla said...

i like this a lot~!

maxine said...

I like this pictures


Amber-Mae said...

Wow! Pawsome photoshoot! It'll be hard to choose. I say choose one from the white background because you black dudes stand out more.

Solid Gold Dancer

Tee said...

Helo there!

We be the Dog Woods Pack.

We're impressed by your Rottie and their patience for posing. Great pictures!

Our resident rottie only wants to play .... all the time ... and ONLY with the Chief. The only time he 'stay's is when he's waiting for the ball to be thrown!

And he isn't very friendly either ... when it comes to strangers... we'd tell 'em to run for their lives!

Licks and Wags

Tuffy and the Dog Woods Pack

bnb said...

heehee din realise that bruno is actually much bigger than bear2.
i esp like

not to say i do not like the rest

eileen` said...

i like all the closeups of both dogs, esp when their tongues are sticking out!

actually you should really make them all into a book.

furrycars said...

Love the 1st one for Bruno!
And the few of Bear lying down with closeups.. Really nice shots!haha. shows a different side of Rotties..:)

Nikki said...

Godpa votes for the following:
9558 9555 9565 9584 9605 9613 9632 9634 9642 9653

He says he looks at the eyes to decide though sometimes the photo too small to tell.