Thursday, May 07, 2009

Amazing Russian Dogs... Photography Session with Tom Ang

Read this amazing article about Russian Dogs and their daily lives...
These aren't pets. These are strays! they take the train like any other people!
And look at just how tolerant the Russian people are! its really heart-warming... but...
They actually travel into town to get food... via ambush! Go read the article... its both sad and amusing.
While i am not agreeable to the ambush bit, I do hope people will be as tolerant in the future... and smile like these people do.Yes... and we do always deserve the better space anyway!Russian Strays have an easier time than we do... I wonder how they know which stop to get off at!?
Pa on the other hand has spent 3 days ogling at other people behind a camera... and BOY was it boring for both Bruno and me.But from the looks of things... Pa really did enjoy himself... over 2000 photos were taken but most were discarded.Some of these looks just picture perfect. But beautiful people will look good on and off camera.
And it looks like the same goes for Yummy food.
Pa learnt a shit load of info for low-light photography and hopes that he will be able to buy some better lenses soon... and also improve his damn photographic skills.
You can Google more about Uncle Tom Ang and the books that he writes. He's a fantastic teacher! Auntie Deidre took this picture of both Uncle Tom and Pa... its a FANTASTIC picture.

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Astrid Keel said...

Holy moly! I want to take the subway too!! I wub the photos - truly the work of an artiste!