Saturday, January 17, 2009

Happy Adopted / Bruno and Nigel bitten...

Remember Happy? well, if Pa isn't wrong, he has been successfully adopted. Hopefully he is able to find a great warm loving home and have areal family at last.
We also went down with Uncle Richmond to the games store to get a new PS3! After the swimming pool!
And Auntie Joyce really enjoyed herself as well!--------------------------------------
Nigel on the other hand is a SMELLY BOY...
he so needs a bath. And we will give him a bath!
This was the original Caption I wrote... Unfortunately last Sunday was not a good Sunday for all.

Bruno and Nigel was bitten at the Pool.
It was totally unprovoked. Bruno was first bitten on his side by a Golden Retriever hard. Bad enough for him to Bark really loud at the GR and walk away calmly. The GR was pretty shaken up after just the Bark. I'm just glad Bruno didn't lose his temper.

Cause if he did, the GR would have been badly injured... and then everyone would blame the Rottie. As Pa was bathing him afterward, Pa could see the bite did hurt and probably left a bruise. But Bruno is a tough boy.

Nigel on the other hand...

Well, just to show you just how small Nigel is, take a look at the video above. Bear, Bruno, QQ and Nigel playing with a ball...

Nigel is a tiny thing... and after Bruno was bitten, Nigel was also attacked unprovoked by a very small 1.5 years old female husky. This time, it was a serious attack, the Female Husky went for Nigel's neck and pounced on him. She started to shake her head left and right, and lucky Pa was there in 3 steps, lifted the husky right off the floor with one hand by the scuff of her neck.

Pa started to ask for the owner and the owner was trying to explain that she got away when he was trying to bath her.

Lesson 1: in a dog fight,
restrain your dog immediately.

Explanations come later when the excitement is over. Instead, the owner was asking Pa to let go of his dog and pass her over. Pa was asking at least 10 times for the Leash and Collar. As Pa has a good grip on the Husky, and that she was relatively light, the scuff of the neck hold would not have hurt her at all.
Lesson 2: you cannot catch a dog
if it doesn't want to be caught.

There is no way anyone can chase a dog down that doesn't want to be caught, so restrain your dog with a method you know you have control over it. In this case she was on a prong collar. The owner took a good 3-4 mins trying to get the collar on, and after he did, Pa had to repeat himself to ask for the leash...

Lesson 3: a collar is useless
without a leash.

"its ok, you can pass her to me now."
"it is NOT ok. Put on her leash first."

Sometimes at the heat of the moment, you have to be firm to get your point across. People are in shock and are usually unprepared what to do.

This entire thing took so long, the female husky has long since recovered from her prey drive and was wagging her tail. She was really confused when her owner then decide to smack her mouth. And when she was tied to the fence, she was howling for attention.

Lesson 4: Be quick if you want
your dog to learn.

Just as the leash came on, the owner's friend muttered a profanity under his breath at Pa.

"I hope he wasn't saying that to me."

Lesson 5: keep your cool. Getting angry right then
would not help the situation.

Nigel was bleeding pretty badly, and Pa feared the worst... the neck however was unbruised and the bleeding looked as if it came from inside the mouth. After the blood was washed away, Nigel was yelping and crying out loud.

Pa eventually spoke to the Husky owner who tried to help as he can. Also telling him to talk to his friend about losing his temper. What's done is done. Pa just hoped that Nigel was fine and would eventually recover... This was on Sunday.
Yesterday, Nigel was still shivering and yelping. He was finally admitted to the hospital for a check up. As he was very hurt, he was biting anyone that came near... so he was placed under GA to get the jaw scanned.
What we found was that the injury was worst than we thought. Nigel had a fractured lower jaw. The Husky when going for his throat didn't get a clean hold because Nigel had his mouth open. That probably saved his life.
Pa is very upset right now with the entire situation. And he is humbled by the lesson learned. While Pa is confident of us and our behavior... one can never truly trust another person's dog. Husky's have the tendency not to warn when they are about to snap...
And in his carelessness... Nigel now has to pay the price. He either would have a wire to wire his mouth shut, or a pin inserted into his jaw to keep it in place. Pa wished he reacted faster, or was more alert. And he hopes the Husky owner would train his dog better.


Rachel said...

Proud of Bruno! but poor Nigel.


Barn2 (Barnabas Ju-Ern) the Samsengkia said...

My Mummy says: Bruno, you did did your Papa. (Pat on head and hugs for Bruno).

Sorry to hear about Nigel's situation. Just a word of comfort: my mummy also has metal pieces to hold part of her jaw together and it works out fine.It might be hard the first month (jaw might have to be wired first for healing to take place and nourishment is only through liquids) but after that, no problems. That was a very long time Nigel, don't worry. It will work out.

Princess Kayla said...

good job Bruno...

We'll be praying for ur fast recovery Nigel...God bless...

CoW g0eS Mo0 m0o~! said...

geez, poor nigel.
always rem it as a sweetie cutie pie.

got take down the other person's particulars and contact no. anot?
make him responsible for nigel's medical fees. Singaporeans dun FARKING learn unless they feel the pinch in the form of monetary detriment.

and yes, i believe you can make a report to both police and AVA if he's not willing to take responsibility.

Anonymous said...

Oh no! We hope u get well soon Nigel! Camry got bitten by a chh at the dog run too.. sighz..
We hope u recover soon! Bruno, u have a great temperament!

stan said...

i was just telling 3 girls abt bruno and this web and how great a temperament he has. This incident has proven what you set out to show the world again. Sorry to hear abt what has happened to Nigel.

btw, I've adopted the Jack Russell. Prob will need a lot of tips fr u guys on the where, when, how to bring up a happy canine. I thought I didn't give my prev mongrel January a better life so this should be payback time. :)

Marites said...

oh no!! that is so heartbreaking:( hope Nigel recovers soon.

Amber-Mae said...

Some owners just don't know how to handle & control their own dogs. I always wonder, do they even deserve to own one? Poor Nigel.

Butt wiggles,
Solid Gold Dancer

Paw & Yoyo said...

Proud of You Bruno but poor poor nigel .. hope he is better now

Anonymous said...

Poor Nigel. I really hope there will be more responsible owners around. It's not like they don't know their own dog's temperament and how friendly they can be with other dogs. To pick up Nigel by the neck and shake him left and right is not a sign of "Go away". That husky is out to kill. Which can also mean he might not be a friendly dog at all.

And by smacking the husky LATER will not teach him anything! These owners need to learn more about dogs!