Monday, September 22, 2008

More Pictures on the Girls / A tiring Weekend really!

I am totally Bushed. I have no idea how did Pa do it... but he made Bruno and me SO tired that he skipped a meal yesterday... he was simply too tired to eat. Of course he more than made it up today.
Pa had to entertain his client... and his ENTIRE family... and ended up bringing us to Sentosa with him! We had a WHALE of a time. When Pa gets the pictures, he'll post it up here too! Salt water apparently made us cleaner too! But the Sand was another story altogether. But its really all good.
As everyone was eating, we of course kept a lookout for... any dropped bits. But boy were they hungry! Sunday mornings are good... most of the Dogs were off leashed and we had a great time just running about. Pa's clients seemed suitably impressed by us... apparently their own dogs would run far far away by now.
After that we went to Imbiah for Subway and chilled there for a moment. There were plenty of tourist and people that missed their Rotties back home... They were just as excited as we were seeing them
Subway is GOOD... Pa bought one for us and we polished it all off... It was YUMMY! We were admittedly tired however, so we dried off and half-slept the entire time!
These are some more pictures as promised previously.
Yeah... we love them to bits as well.
We try to tell them that not all doggies are like us...
Somehow I doubt anything is getting through really.
But hey... who are we to corrupt the innocence of youth... though technically we are like a lot younger than they are.
Innocence will be lost soon enough. Lets just enjoy the present.
We really loved everyone we met that night. All of them were uber cool.

...And to the man that told Pa in a harsh tone outside Guardian Pharmacy Jubilee at AMK, to "hold on to your leash" I would have you know that we can sit and stay a lot better than your son that have ran quite a distance in front of you already. Maybe he needs to learn Sit and Stay as well.


Amber-Mae said...

Those pictures are just tooo sweet to look at...

Butt wiggles,
Solid Gold Dancer

Anonymous said...

oh bear.... i wish i could give you one of those big hugs too and give people like that guy at ang mo kio


BigBrownBearBear said...

hi Alex,

Quite easily done.... Just make an appointment and I'll make sure u get that hug!

Anonymous said...

dearest bear.... i hope i can too. will try and make an appointment with your pa if I can't get you. but i am so sad that i missed you at the airport.... coz i was there that day!