Monday, June 02, 2008

Plenty of things to update...


Plenty of problems abound. Many still not resolved. Poor Pa has to solve them

Well, firstly, let us announce the winners of the Birthday giveaway!

I would like to congratulate

Barnabas Ju-Ern the Samsengkia
Rusty from Texas
The BWTH Dog House

Congrats EVERYONE!! You'll be hearing from Pa soon. We'll need to send you the birthday gift and hence need your contact details!

We also have a consolation prize for Braffie the Whine Connoisseur. She's a Cat lover and all, and her entry is very late... but hey... I'm pretty great with little pussy cats too. She'll probably not get the entire gift pack, but she'll get what she likes!
I on the other hand had a swollen eye to contend with. It wasn't really itchy or painful I suppose... but it was uncomfortable. I was a sad Bear for a couple of days.

Good news is that accordingly to Diamond Ma, Angel has been adopted! SUCCESS!!! So far every needy pooch that I've come across with has been successfully adopted. I am SO HAPPY! I really do hope this streak would continue.

Honestly, I couldn't have done it without the help of every rescuer, dog lover and forum user that linked my blog entry in their respective avenues. I HUGE BIG THANK YOU TO ALL OF YOU!

Hopefully Angel's new Ma and Pa will contact me and send me a picture of Angel in her new home. I will continue to update you accordingly! Give yourselves a big-ass hug!
Bruno on the other hand, cheats at getting hugs and tummy rubs. He really doesn't give anyone any choice in the matter.


eneres said...

Ooo the swollen eye.. poor bear.. and so glad tat angel has been adopted! cheers!

Anonymous said...

Poor you with your swollen eye, I hope it gets better soon!

I'm excited about being a winner! Thanks!


Ben & Darling said...

OMdoG OMdoG!!! I win the contest?? for saying roti is yummylicious?? Im so excited and thank you so much for having this contest.

But but how come you got a swallen eye? that sound really pain....I hope your eye recover soon and we love the happy Bear Bear.

As for Angel, Im so glad she found her furever loving home. She deserved it...and your hooman are really angel for helping those unfortunate one.

slurpy licks,

Barn2 (Barnabas Ju-Ern) the Samsengkia said...

Bruno is a BIG BABY!!! Soo cute. Poor Bear2 with swollen eye. What happened? Hope you get well soon.

Peanut said...

Ouch on the swollen eye. Yea on Angel getting adopted

BBBBBBB said...


andrahyb said...

Poor Bear with a swollen eye, we hope you get well soon! Bruno on the other hand is indeed a big baby to cuddle with!

Praise the Lord for Angel has finally found her new home!

Rudolf & Goofy