Friday, January 11, 2008

Doberman kills Baby

This is so not a year for dogs.
Pa gets kinda fedup when he reads things like "the dog has never shown any sign of aggression."

The only non-aggressive dog big or small that Pa knows of is a Dead Dog. It really does depend on how you are trained to handle your aggression. Very much like humans having a temper.

Bruno and I are two male dogs. By most people's reckoning, we would have probably killed each other by now.
Its really not happening that way. We are both well socialised to know just to handle our tempers. Yes, like all brothers, adopted or sibling, we will fight over the dumbest things and toys... but we still learn to handle it like big boys.

ermmm... maybe's time to get a bigger car dad.
This is just some random picture showing my dad trying to get Bruno to jump... ermmm... or is that really just me?

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Amber-Mae said...

It's really upsetting reading all these kind of news but sometimes it's not the dog's fault & not the owner's fault too. Yes, there are very friendly dogs who have not once attacked anybody or any dog. Not even a child but sometimes, these things happen. The dog just snapped when the baby touched his paw or maybe some part of his body. The owners may be right. Maybe the dog was a good citizen but the mistake that the grandmother did was putting the baby near the dog unattended. This is a mistake all parents do. They think the dog is very loving & will not harm the baby. But animals CANNOT BE TRUSTED not even you or me can be trusted. I've seen pictures of you with little kid but how do you know that one day, you sill to just suddenly snap & bite a child or what. I may do that too becoz I honestly can't stand around me, making too much noise & pulling my fur/skin/ear or whatever! My hoomans don't trust me being alone with kids or little babies. So this is a mistake that all parents must learn. Do not leave little babies near pet dogs unsupervised. There's not one min that is safe for the baby...

Love licks,
Solid Gold Dancer