Monday, January 21, 2008

Bear & Bruno's rather busy schedule

This is currently our day job. And night job. Sigh... Pa thinks we look kinda intimidating. I just think we look damn good.
Pa still brings us about... This is the sun deck at Vivo City. It was kinda rainy... and many people were damn excited to see us.
Taking a break in between Search and Rescue training. I've been doing pretty good now! I'm actually doing blind searches and really getting what is required of me! Everyone's happy to see me progress so well.
Bruno the bloody big baby is just so damn lazy. He just lies around the whole damn day. Even when I am working.
Everyone loves him because of me. REALLY.
Another great start to the Year. Its almost Chinese New Year! I wonder if I am gonna get an Ang Pao this year? Hummmm.... I prefer treats. Pa has bought the Dehydrator. I am just... SO... EXCITED. Yummy!

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Amber-Mae said...

Oh, so your dad has finally adopted Bruno? I'm sure you're doing a great job...

Love licks,
Solid Gold Dancer