Saturday, December 22, 2007

How Bad a Rottie Bite can be

Remember Mambo? He is the JRT that was attacked by the 5 Rotties that were kept by some very irresponsible people.
Just to let you know that Mambo is ok. The following pictures are genuine as far as I know, and it is not a widely shown about. It might be a tad disturbing, so if you are a sensitive soul, just look away.

I remember that it was widely debated just how badly Mambo was injured... and whether or not the issue was blown out of proportion. The following pictures if true are a confirmation on the severity of the attack, as well as the exact fear both dog and owner feel when the pack of 5 attacked.

This is a testament to anyone who wants to have a dog. Be responsible. Socialise your dogs well. If you are not willing to learn how to, or do not have the time to do so, then for God's sake, do not own dogs.

As a disclaimer, these pictures may or may not be Mambo's injuries. Any resemblance to any living creature alive or dead is purely coincidental. The source of these pictures are kept strictly confidential. View the following pictures at your own discretion. Do not link your blog or dlogs with these pictures. If you like, just ask people come to this entry directly. No permission would be given to post these pictures up any public forum or any other blog/dlog etc. or similar media printed or digital.

This was no Play. Mambo is lucky to be alive. As for Mrs Singh, I sincerely advise that you no longer keep dogs and that you should be required to pass an exam in Dog keeping if you want to continue to do so. When I looked at these picture. The anger I feel can be called irrational. Us Rotties do not need owners like you. It is owners like you that give us a bad BAD name.


rinaz said...

Ouch! Oh my goodness, poor puppy ...

Amber-Mae said...

Mambo's injuries or not, the punctured wounds look BAD!

Love licks,
Solid Gold Dancer

Boo Boo said...

Ouch ! Poor Mambo !!

Merry Xmas Bear !! Enjoy your presents and treats !!

Bond said...

oh !!! Thaat hurtssssssssss

Merry Christmas to you ! Have a Wonderful Christmas :)

Bond said...

Hi Bear,

Happy 2008 to you !

Have a fun 2008 filled with lots of fun, play, food, treats and love :)