Friday, July 06, 2007

Oomans can be SO silly.

The internet is a place for nonsense. Facts found on the Net should be checked over. Its a place to pass the time and really not take each other seriously.

For example we all know that I really am not writing all this. That is because I am missing an opposing thumb. I wouldn't be able to reach the space bar!


Posted: Thu Jul 05, 2007 8:36 pm Post subject:


Some of you do have a sense of humour, and I was actually amused by this thread. However, enough is enough.

I have a regular job, 4 dogs to take care, new member accounts to activate, a personal life to lead, on top of running this forum. I am lucky I have 2 capable moderators - Moderator and General Moderator, who have their own regular daytime job, to help me monitor the forum.

We hope the forum will run by itself without much technical trouble, that members will post sensibly and responsibly, that everyone treats fellow members with respect and agrees to disagree. We hope Singapore dog owners and dog lovers behave in a respectable way, because this forum is visited by members from other countries too, countries such as Australia and NZ.

We never like to rule with an iron fist, and usually close one eye as long as the issues get resolved by members themselves.

However, some of you have behaved in such an ill manner, that the moderators and myself have to step in. The sad thing is, even after we've stepped in, these members continue to misbehave! Again and again. A fellow member describes this as "sustained animalistic savage pack misbehaviour".

What do we do when our dogs misbehave? Those who subscribe to positive reinforcement training methods may try time-out, ignore the bad behaviour and redirect the dogs to do good ones. Those who subscribe to punishment-based training methods may hit the dog, and in extreme cases, PTS!

We've given warnings and locked threads, it didn't work. We've tried time-out, by de-activating the account for a period of time, it didn't work. We've threatened to ban, it didn't work. Now we've got no choice, but to actually carry out PTS operation. (Of course we won't do that to our loyal pet dogs).

These members' sustained misbehaviour has caused a negative impact on the forum. Good members are leaving. Good members who can contribute constructively to health and nutrition, training and behaviour, grooming and etc. New members and new dog owners are not learning anything useful except to read the continued gossiping and constant bickering. Good people feel disgusted and leave. DS then becomes nothing but a playground for a small group of selfish individuals.

With your sense of humour, used in appropriate manner, you could actually make this a fun place to be. But you guys choose to use it in a negative way, to poke fun at other members, to launch personal attacks at other members.

Once again, enough is enough. I am now going to PTS the following accounts:
- bubu
- 3sloth
- boston
- king kong
- baboon
- fat mama

Anyone else who wish to follow them, please PM me and I shall be happy to grant you your wish.

By DS_Admin

Pa was banned with fewer reasons than these. And the Forum admin clearly did not ban people that contributed to the disagreement...That's because they are either Lunch Kakis or themselves.

Anyway, to each his own. Pa has more time to spend on my blog site then!

Check out the size of the crab.


Anonymous said...

Wah..I did not know that the world of Blog and Forum is so political tsk tsk.

JesuaFreak said...

I likey the 2 oomans on the picture left....

u this cibai..go lunch with SYTs never jio.. u good

BigBrownBearBear said...

Dear JF> this ish a kid frenly Dlog ok? Wait people comprain how?