Monday, May 07, 2007

Ok...So I have been a bad boy.

Its been ages since the last update and honestly Pa simply has been really too busy.

Even with his nifty SonyT10, Pa hasn't really been able to take a lot more picture of me.

You guys have to be happy with what I have here.

After the recent problems about writing in Blogs in the Newspaper, where one girl was beaten up... Pa is afraid people with their strange minds would make things difficult for me.

Hence...maybe its good to keep the readership low instead.

I went the the SKC show and I was pleasently surprised to meet people that actually recognise me. Thank you all. It was real fun meeting you too.

This is Vera. I've been swimming pretty often now every week. I can do it pretty fast as well! Yesterday was a really hot day too. Dr Edmund Tan said that I have pretty weak hinds genetically (sob!) but because of good weight management and ample muscles, He says its really no problem.

I can match Kaylie for speed. I'm really not slow!

This is my Pa's fren Clement. Pa was there to support Clement and you can catch him on Deal or no Deal which is featuring soon.

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Simba and Jazzi said...

I hope he wins loads of money.

Simba xx