Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Meet Huimin, I met her at AMK central hawkercentre...She's a pretty little girl.

At first she was a little scared...but Pa assured her that I was mostly gentle...and SHE HAD HER WAY WITH ME!

Did she turn into a regular fashion model when Pa whipped out his camera phone for a few pictures. She would change positions every 5 seconds!

She positioned herself to the best possible light and encouraged Pa to snap away. Boy was she cute. I could just eat her up! Figuratively speaking of course.

Looking at her now, Pa is convinced that she's going to break many guys hearts in the future. She's a rather lonely child with only adults and old people as company. She truly showered me with plenty of affection.

When it was time to go, she had small tears in her eyes, and made Pa promise to bring me back soon. She also asked permission to walk me around in a small area. I of course made it easy for her, I didn't drag her around the place! Where she wen, I went, and her heart totally melted.

It's going to be fun watching her grow up.


Simba and Jazzi said...

Weren't you well behaved with the little girl. Children seem to think I'm a cuddly toy and try to pick me up and grab me. Mummy gets cross with them.

Simba xx

Tiffany L said...

it's great to see a mild-mannered rottie that can be trusted around kids. if more rotties were like bear bear, then they wouldn't get such a bad reputation.

bear bear, you certainly are growing up fast!

Peanut said...

She is a cute girl. It is good that you were so nice with her. She will probably love you forever.

e said...

She's so cute.
Kids and dogs go well best. Now I have a dog, I need to get a kid for my Fei.
love love and extra hugs and kisses to Bear

BigBrownBearBear said...

Wooo...big hint for Callum?

jingjing said...

i saw someone having a motherly instinct here. haha