Thursday, August 21, 2008

Adoption Day Photos at Bishan Dog Run

Remember this fellow? All matted and stinky pooey? Whiskey was the 1.5 year old fellow abandoned by his rather irresponsible 21 year old owner... after shaving off all his gross fur... we end up with...
A VERY good looking doggie!
Even I couldn't tell the difference... but to be fair, he was really terrible the first time I saw him! But look at the fur now! His skin is perfect. And BOY was he friendly.
There were SO many new people there... and not to mention the Bruno and me making sure everything was in order... I really expected a more skittish Whiskey... but he really made me proud. He was every bit the happy dog we hoped he would be.
He greeted and licked everyone equally and allowed everyone to manhandle him. All while being insanely happy. Thanks to everyone that came down!
He had no preference... girl / boy, patted / stroked, clean or dirty clothing...
He must have thought he just went to doggie paradise. A picture is worth a thousand words!
Fifi too had her fair share of hugs and kisses. We are all crossing our paws that they find the lovely home they are all looking for... The selection isn't exactly finalized yet, so stay tuned as the fosterer and his little helper make their decision!
Say Hi to Uncle Kelvin the Foster Parent and CanCan's ma! who introduced Kelvin to Pa... and only realised that Uncle Kelvin and Aunt Suzanne had never met before!


cancanma said...

More pics of Fifi leh.... got or not?? :P

Nikki said...

Hey, they look just like me when I got shaved :)