Tuesday, December 01, 2009

Trip at about 8-9months

That... is a very graceful and fast and DARN strong 3 legged dog. Trip surprised us all with his agility... he easily outran many of the other dogs at the West Coast Dog Run.
Look at how tall he has grown! I think he might even be slightly taller than me eventually... Auntie Lillian isn't exactly very big... so I sometimes suspect that Trip brings her out for a walk instead!
Running for him made more sense as he is more comfortable with the pace on 3 legs. Walking would be kinda tough. But Auntie Lillian loves him to bits... Its kinda cute watching her trying to catch up to her 3-legged dog.He really enjoys being off leash... and he is pretty friendly with most other dogs. Auntie Lillian has a done a great job taking care of him. Honestly... if you didn't look at him again, you wouldn't even notice his disability.
Like all other living things, he has adapted well... and excelled.
We were of course conserving energy for our filming later on... so unfortunately we had to cut short this get together... but we will do it again soonest!
Maybe Auntie Lillian can enroll trip for Agility Classes! That would be a Great Idea! Beat the rest of the abled dogs! We can't do it... well... because the equipment would break.
But Trip with the way he runs, dodges and sprints... I think he might just be the right one for that!
Whatever it is... Trip is truly a lucky doggie to have so many love him. I hope he realises that!

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