Monday, December 07, 2009

Shiloh the Female Husky for Adoption

Auntie Lillian that adopted Trip... is now helping to rehome Shiloh the Husky! Below is her email to me...
Dearest Bear,

Please help!
A 4-year old female husky needs a home.

A husky was found on 3 Dec 2009 at Pasir Ris Farmway 2. She's a grey/white husky, relatively smaller in size (to other huskies), about 4 years old. Apart from the fact that she'd probably been outside for a few days, she looked to be in good shape and well-fed.

I'm going to put out lost & found notices for her, but my belief is that she's most likely been abandoned. She is microchipped - her previous owners sold her in 2008 and thereafter there is no information on who owned her.

She is currently being boarded at Mutts N Mittens and is in quarantine pending a further vet check. So far, she's been deticked.

From what I can tell, she is a pretty docile and even tempered dog. She responds to anyone handling her and I've been able to take her for walks, but she also sometimes seems a bit anxious - perhaps that is due to her abandonment and her adjusting to a new environment. Other details about her are unknown, I can update whoever is interested over time when I learn more about her.
Please help spread the word and if anyone is interested in either:
a) adopting the husky
b) fostering the husky
c) donating to help with boarding and vet costs (in such situations no money will go directly to me, we will arrange to go to the vet/kennel)

** Anyone interested in adopting should ideally have experience raising large dogs and/or huskies. Huskies require a lot of care and attention - for exercise and grooming. For adoptions, there is no fee, but I am requesting that a donation be made to an animal shelter.
Please contact Lillian at 9687 7543 (SMS is best, She will respond as soon as possible) or at
Thank you!

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