Thursday, March 19, 2009

A much needed break in Tioman

Pa has left us alone again. Without a word we see him like at 7am on Monday, thinking... Oh... what a bloody special day this is... and then he disappears for 3 days. And then he comes back showing us these photos.
Ohhhh... how i hate him... Does he not know that even Rotties have feelings? And that we also need a break and stuff? This was the Sunset pictures he took with just his iPhone. Uncle Richard has more pictures of him diving.
What a glorious day this day it was. I just wish I could have shared it with him. So what if I cannot get through customs?
The pictures are all unedited. The iPhone camera may not have the highest resolution, but the colors it can achieve is... simply amazing. Even to a slightly color-blind dog like me.
The Last Rays of Sunlight

I can't help but feel that you are the Sun
The glowing orb of fire in my heart.
With the ability to consume my everything
Including the need for some Fun.

You are so strong but you cannot See
Just how strong you can actually Be.
So strong that I feel Burnt
But see, I never Learn.

Eventually you will catch up with your Head
And then you will be as good as Dead.
Like the last rays of Sunlight
Before the chill and loneliness of Night.

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