Monday, September 17, 2007

Uneducated Responses and Play with Toby

It is with a heavy heart as I read the above article. Similar to the latest AVA Breed Legislation on Cat B dogs, the Sri Lanka Government has made the same mistake. They have obviously put people with little or NO knowledge about dogs in charge of creating a super doggie force.

Click on the picture to view the article. Basically the article talks about the police force asking people to DONATE their pets. And they would be returned AFTER 8 years. And that only dogs with IMPRESSIVE Pedigree are preferred.

The dogs would be required to "identify explosives, search for buried mines, sniff out narcotics, tackle criminals - AND perform tricks for the public.

And looking at how they are going about it, I am willing to bet Pa's last dollar that they would be using the EASY way out... which is to make the dogs drug addicts, and beaten to an inch of their miserable life, and eventually buried in an unmarked grave when they are done.
I am however trained to kill... balls. Check this out! I almost caught the ball! Its running away from me! I always... get the ball.
Meet Toby. He's Cody's younger brother. If you dunch know who is Cody, go read my earlier entries. Toby's a big ass boy now... and I met him the other day at the park. He's only 7 months old.
Since I was playing with Toby's Pa, I decided to ask Toby over for a game of Fetch. I of course had a thing or two to teach the young pup. Check out my Fav red ball that actually belong's to Bond. Another GR I love.
See? Toby's got a lot to learn. That's CHEATING. The correct way is to sit calmly. You can't be like him! All running around and stuff!
CHEATER! That little brat is running off with a head start! That's just not fair.
Argh! He almost got the ball. I'll teach this young pup yet!
Listen to me buddy. Me, Rottweiler. You 7 month old pup. Understand?
That's right my little friend. Give way to your elders. Especially if they're Rotties. Its just wiser.

(Check out the ball in my mouth!)
Now... come along and lets try this again. Remember... Give in to Rotties. THAT's the lesson for today.
Yeah. Dunch play play with Rotties... Ermm... I take that back. play with me please.... PLEASE!!!


Anonymous said...

Awesome park pics Bear - looks like so much fun!!

And it does suck all these people with no knowledge of dogs at all being able to make laws that affect all of us.


Amber-Mae said...

Hehehe, I live to kill tennis balls too! I just love them just as much as you! I'm a ball addict! I have fixation with balls & when I sleep, it must be tucked in my upper lip just to make sure that no one steals it away from me...

Love licks,
Solid Gold Dancer